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Mother of the Bride

Does the mother of the bride's dress have to match the wedding colors?

Re: Mother of the Bride

  • Some say yes, some say no. I just told my mom to stay within the color scheme. We are having muted colors, so as long as it's not something LOUD, I really don't care.
    When my best friend got married, the moms wore the exact same color, and it went with the color scheme. Their wedding was super formal, though.
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    Parents can wear what ever they want to wear.  If someone should ask you should respond with "What ever makes you feel the most beautiful."
  • It's really up to the mothers. My colors are hot pink and lime green. My mom is wearing a sage dress and FMIL is wearing a lavender dress.

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    They are not part of the wedding party so no, her dress does not have to coordinate with the wedding colors.

    Basically parents are VIP guests and as such can wear whatever they like.
  • Agree with the PPs about not being part of the WP and choosing what they want.

    Maybe you could make a special day out of it though and go dress shopping together that way you can put your input in.  This worked well for me since my eccentric mother was considering leopard print. 
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  • Cool! Thanks guys!  I love the idea about us making a "special" shopping trip to pick out her dress, just for the fun of it!
  • No, they don't.  Although my mom and my FMIL wanted to know what the BMs were wearing so that they didn't show up in a very similar dress!
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