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Does your wedding dress have to match your decor?

The colors that I chose for my waiting are silver and white. I think they work really well together. But I fell in love with my gown which is white with gold accents. I love the color scheme I chose for my wedding, but I also love my dress. What should I do?

Re: Does your wedding dress have to match your decor?

  • No, your dress doesn't have to match.  The only thing I worried about was not having a dress that seemed very out of place for my venue.  I am having an outdoor wedding, and I didn't want a lace gown.  I LOVED some of the lace gowns I tried on, but they felt very "churchy" to me, and for an outdoor, park wedding... it seemed inappropriate.

    But, otherwise, I wouldnt' worry about it matching, colorwise.
  • Your dress should match your personality. If you feel like it may look strange in your venue or with your decor, then see what you can change around if you wanted. But do what is going to make you most comfortable. 
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  • If nothing else, you can still absolutely do silver and white for everything else. By you having white and GOLD, it will only help you to stick out more. I'm having all sorts of metallics (hello, brooch bouquet) so it really just depends on how important it is to you that EVERYTHING match.
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  • Unless you're considering yourself a decoration you do not have to match you decor.

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    I'm having an Fall Celtic wedding.  I'm decorating with wheat, branches, etc.  I went with a lace dress because everytime I saw this one, all I could think of was "Irish lace", so, in addition to making me look AMAZING, it sort of fits my theme!  So, get the dress you want....if anything, the gold just accentuates the decor, and that is a good thing!  Smile
  • Since when does silver and gold not go together? I think metallics complement each other really well... Why not incorporate gold into your decor along with the silver? If done tastefully, and in moderation, could be very chic looking and fun.

  • Thanks! All of your comments are very helpful.
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