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I don't want to make my bridesmaid pay more than $100 for their dresses. Anyone know any retailers that sell dresses this cheap? Besides David's Bridal (they don't even have many that cheap anymore!).

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    Check department stores. My girls got their dresses at Macy's for about $60.
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  • Well you can save, if you find a line that carries.  They sell for a lot less and you do save from a real store, not Chinese, and get some excellent prices.
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    DB has plenty of $99...and a number are on sale for far less than that!

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    Check i bought mine from them, worht the price  some for sale just $39
  • I feel the same way. I'm well-known for being "frugal" to put it politely, and I would in no way feel comfortable asking my closest friends to pay $100+ for a dress that I knew I wouldn't want to pay for (not that what I chose is ugly, it's just the idea of spending the money, even though I happily paid more for dresses for their weddings).

    It took a lot of shopping around, but going the non-traditional BM dress route is the way to go. Just like everything else in the bridal industry, once it has the word "wedding" associated with it, prices go up dramatically. I ended up finding a steal of a dress from Ann Taylor online. It is technically from their BM line, but the idea is not quite as traditional as a standard boutique or salon. Both AT and Jcrew have dresses online for less than $100. The dress my girls are wearing was originally $255, and they all paid $90.

    I highly support these vendors, or finding a style that they can choose from (like a color and fabric from a certain store) and letting them go wild on ebay. I bought a dress with tags on it from Jcrew for $55, and it was the perfect fit for a wedding I was in last year. Department stores are another great choice, especially since you can see them in person without pushy sales people.
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