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Men's attire for outdoor wedding

I'm having an outdoor wedding in early June. It's at night time, but our area can still be pretty warm, and really humid. What in the world are some ideas for groom and groomsmen attire that are different than the tie and jacket combo?! Wedding is going to be a semi casual fiesta type affair, but not overly themed. Thanks y'all!

Re: Men's attire for outdoor wedding

  • Are you getting married in Houston?  Where?

    (I'm from Houston and got married there this past June.  Our guys wore full suits, and it wasn't really a problem.  We had an outdoor wedding and, yes, it was warm, but we started everything late enough that the worst of the heat was over for the day.)

    If you want, you could skip the jackets and have the guys wear nice shirts with vests.  I love that look.  If H would have gone along with it, I totally would have had our guys wear something like this:



  • I want my FI to be in grey or dark grey pants and a crisp white shirt and a vest and colored tie...he thinks BLACK SUIT is the only way to go, and I keep trying to explain that in the August heat we will be getting married in, he and his GM will suffocate - especially his best man, as he is a very large, very hairy guy (makes Robin Williams look like he is freshly shaved)...SOOOO I love the pants/vest combo Elle posted, above me. It combines his insistence on BLACK and my love of the vest/shirt combo
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