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How to seal glitter shoes for wedding?

Good morning ladies!

I have a shoe-related question for you all... has anyone tried to seal a glittered shoe before? I have a pair of cute chunky gold glitter slingbacks for my wedding, but unfortunately they get caught on my dress which has a layer of tulle underneath. Should I seal them with modgepodge or a fixativ of some sort? I don't want to wreck the shoes, however... I tried a inconspicuous area near the bottom with clear nail polish, but I worry it would destroy them somehow. 

I really only need it for the glittered bows on top-any suggestions? Thanks! :)


Re: How to seal glitter shoes for wedding?

  • Did it turn out ok with the clear nail polish or did it ruin it?

    I would try modgepodge or something like it in a non-noticable area and see how it turns out.

  • Thanks for your quick response! The area I did try looked relatively ok but i couldn't tell if the polish made it more clumpy looking or it was just that way in the first place, since i bought them used... but I worry over a larger, more noticeable part of the shoe. I think I will try the modgepodge too and see how that turns out! Thanks!
  • I think modpodge would work better than nail polish. Nail polish would dry stiff and could crack. MP dries with some flexibility, but it might not hold up. I decoupaged a serving tray and sealed it with outdoor modpodge and it sort of peeled away over time. 
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  • Use a clear Spray Gloss
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  • maybe try posting this on DIY board. they may have tried doing this before.
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  • good idea, will do! thanks!
  • i've done glitter shoes for my youngest daughter before, just used the extrafine glitter and the high gloss i would think you could just seal the ones you have with the same stuff...not sure about the spray because many times they have additives that *could* dissolve the glue used to do th glitter in the first place....
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