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ISO flats or bridal slippers with good arch support

I need to wear flat shoes/sandals/slippers on our wedding day but I have super-high arches.  Has anyone found a great pair of flats that also has decent arch support?
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Re: ISO flats or bridal slippers with good arch support

  • you could add the dr shols for her insoles for flats, I love them and my arches are super high too, they do a great job.
  • That's a good idea.  I wonder if they'd work on sandals or if I need to go with something closed-toe.
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  • I also have super high arches! Pedag makes an Arch Support called "Holiday"  that goes from the heel to the center of the shoe- I love them. Although they are generally better if you can find a shoe where you can remove the insole that comes with them.

    I'd also check out several different insoles- what's right for one person isn't going to work for another. I have about 10 pairs of different insoles that I use in different shoes.

    Check out I recently ordered boxes of shoes looking for the right fit- the great thing is that they have a ton of styles and it's free shipping/returns- so you can basically bring the shoe store to YOU.

    Cole Haan makes an "air" series that is supposed to be good for high arches, so maybe give them a try... and look for some peep toes which would comfortable hold an arch support- good luck!
  • Oh thank you!  Good idea - never thought about getting a few to test.  I've never tried Pedag - will check them out.
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