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How to wear a corset

Maybe I can help people here who are struggling with wearing a corset or firm girdle for their oh so important big day ?


I am in my 60s and have made wedding dresses professionally and I have worked in theatre wardrobe with historical costume play where actresses have had to wear corsets.


Here are some thoughts that may help you chose and wear your corset, based on many years of getting people of all sizes, shapes and ages into and out of corsets – some very tight indeed.


First of all, you should decide why you want to wear a corset!  If it is a corset style dress then that is not necessarily a real corset.  A real corset (or very firm girdle) will change your shape, will affect your breathing and will change your posture – see below.  Please don’t wear a corset because it’s the fashion.  Also don’t even think about a corset if you want to be same shape on your wedding day as you are today.


Second, we are not used to the restriction and discomfort of a reasonably tight corset or firm girdle today.  Most of the time we say “no” to discomfort of a corset, but say “yes” to tight jeans, high heels, push up bras.  It all depends on the current fashions!


If you want to wear a tight corset for your wedding then you should go right ahead.  But, please, get used to it first, or you may not last the night!  For 2 weeks before try wearing your corset about the house, or at work in the mornings.  If it’s a corset dress then buy a girdle and long bra and try that.  It may be a bit odd to start, but you will get used to it.  Do you remember your first bra, high heel shoes?


Many actresses in historical costume have difficulty with corsets, but they accept it as part of being historically correct.


These are my thoughts, please let me know if you agree, or not.  Of course, experienced dressmakers might agree or disagree....let me know.




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