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I heart my ILs

I sit here in a silent house, with a big glass of wine (or three), so happy that the invasion of the ILs is over.  Beware, this is long and may not make much sense.Andy's birthday party on Saturday was really fun.  We had a bunch of friends and family over and it was lovely.However, I am lucky that I didn't kick either my MIL or SIL in the shins at some point.I think my favorite part of the weekend was this:Saturday morning, my H, Andy and I were out running errands before the party that started at noon.  We had our morning pretty mapped out.  Because SIL never told us what her plan was, we did not figure her family's (including MIL) arrival into our plans.As we are in Target picking up some last minute things, MIL calls H's cell to say that SIL dropped off MIL, devil niece (which I will now call DN), and SIL's moose of a dog on our porch.  SIL and BIL had errands to run, so they just left everybody sitting on our porch before they even knew where we were.  It took my H and I at least a half an hour to get home from that point.  While we continued to get ready for the party, my MIL sat down in front of her computer and zoned out paying zero attention to DN.  DN ran around our house getting into everything she could.  As I was getting Andy down for his nap, she kept running into his room and screaming his name at the top of her lungs.  I calmly asked her to go out and find grandma, go play in the other room, etc, only to have her turn right back around and scream again.We ended up having DN running around like a screaming psycho for three hours before BIL and SIL showed up (this was an hour into the party).Throughout the day, I did not see my SIL interact with her daughter one time.After Andy was in bed for the evening, and I had told DN to stop whatever she was doing for the 80 billionth time, SIL comes into the family room and yells at DN, "If I have to tell you to stop one more time today..."You want to talk about parents shoving off their responsibility onto others, I've got some more.

Re: I heart my ILs

  • I just mentally duct taped DN's mouth shut.  Is that weird?
  • Ah, if only you had heard the shrill scream.  Duct tape would be humane.
  • That's lame that you had to put up with that while trying to celebrate the big number one for Andy. >pTell us more stories.
  • They sound like peaches.  Makes me appreciate my ILs.  We had them all over yesterday and F's 3 year old niece accidentally got magic marker on our new, unstained deck.  Her father offered to get out the belt sander to get it off, and he followed her around all day to make sure she wasn't eating in the house.
  • I think I would have asked my H to speak to SIL, give her a little heads up that her kid is running rampant.
  • Oy vey.  Nice that they discipline their child.  Perhaps I missed it, but how old is DN?
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  • Wow your SIL officially sucks.  I can't believe she just dropped off her mother and her kid on your porch.
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  • They sure are a charming bunch.  On a happier note, I'm glad the party was fun! Andy have any  favorite new toys?
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  • That's how my cousin's whore of a wife is with their 5 yr old. I can't stand the kid and feel bad because it's totally her parents fault.
    For less then ten cents a day, you can feed a hungry child.
  • I find it totally unacceptable to hit your kid on the head.
  • I find it totally unacceptable to hit your kid on the head. I 100% agree with this. At that point it has nothing to do with discipline and everything to do with taking out your annoyance on the kid.
  • Honestly, I can't imagine being physically agressive toward a kid to any degree.  I think it is one of those things that I may understand later, but it has never been a part of my existence until I started seeing SIL do it.  It makes me so uncomfortable to see and it clearly does nothing to control her bahavior.
  • And it does nothing to control her behavior either.
  • head smacking gives me chills.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?I have 8 brothers and sisters and they ALL have children--we NEVER had any issues with kids not being disciplined by their parent(s).  It was a matter of embarrassment, I think, like, they wouldn't want the family to think they couldn't control their kid(s).  Also, we all grew up w. my parents' parenting style, so I realize this probably helps enormously.  THANKS, MOM.  I MEAN IT.
  • Any kind of swat, tap, smack, is not OK with me. At all. And I am Amy100% sure it never will be.  It's about setting boundaries and expectations. It sounds like this child craves attention, and the only kind she gets regularly is negative, so that's all she knows. Sad.
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  • I would have shoved the kid outside and told her to play in traffic.  And then locked the door.
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  • Any kind of swat, tap, smack, is not OK with me. At all. And I am Amy100% sure it never will be. It's about setting boundaries and expectations.My H and I have talked extensively about how we parent now and in the future.  We have observed DN and my sister's daughter.  They both are wild, uncontrollable.We don't know what works, but we certainly see what doesn't work.  How can a child understand what is expected of them when they have no structure?  My H and I are probably considered to be schedule obsessed, but that is how we are and will continue to be.
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