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Re: Box of AWESOME

  • those are great! But watch out... you will be sad later when you realized you let a baby who won't even remember the wonderful taste eat those cookies.Holy crap. I am going to be an evil evil mom.
  • As is the rumor around these parts, Vicki's cookies are freaking awesome.  When the box arrived, my H and I shared a cookie.  We were planning on having a couple left over after the party. I had the cookies set out, but all of our friends thought they were favors for the kids, so if people took them, they took one.  When everybody was leaving and I still had most of them left, I started telling everybody to take more (as I saw that I had several left in the box).  Well, I'm sure you can imagine the rest of the story.  Cookies disappear quickly until we are left with only one.  So, my H, Andy, and I all shared the one Andy is enjoying above...I'm sad.  I was five seconds away from grabing the cooking out of Andy's hands and eating it all myself.  I refrained.
  • Ha!  Cross post Winged.  I wanted to take it from the kid.
  • well, obviously your mistake was in encouraging others to take your cookies.  I HOPE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON! what a cute little guy.  he really looks like he is enjoying that monkey cookie!
  • Agreed Tasty!  I was so excited to share the Box of Awesome with the masses.  I have learned my lesson.My husband got a kick out of telling everybody where the cookies came from.  "It's a girl Vinny knows from the internet.  They came all the way from *insert where Vicki lives*."  He was very skeptical of the entire concept until he ate the cookie.  Now he is a believer.
  • I love watching people's responses to Vicki's cookies.  Lots of comments about how cute and adorable they are, but no one tries to eat one because they're used to cookies like that tasting like cardboard.  But once someone actually eats one, word spreads and the next thing you know, 3 people are wrestling each other to the ground over the last cookie.  It looks like an 80% off sale.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • YAY!  Happy Birthday Andy!
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