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  • All that stuff is pretty standard, every two weeks.  With the exception of windows, and the oven.  We don't have a curtain liner anymore, we have clear glass that is impossible to keep clean.  I suppose we should squeegee it every morning after use, but that is a PITA.  I never liked the plastic liners, I would buy the fabric ones, and those wash up nice in hot water and bleach. I have never understood the concept of the smoke alarm in, or directly adjacent to, the kitchen.  Ours drives me crazy.  It doesn't just beep.  It shouts "FIRE FIRE FIRE" at you, getting ever more insistent, like "FIRE FIRE YOU MORON WHY ARE YOU BURNING YOUR DINNER FIRE FIRE!"  We've had to circumvent it with a shower cap.
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  • Bloomie, the filters are cheap, like $2.99/2 pack. I wish the charge lasted longer, though. I can only do like 2 rooms before I need to plug it back in.
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