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  • Why wouldn't you get the same joy out of something you love if everyone didn't see the gift exchange?BTW, this isn't out of my realm of possibility.  My cousin got a Benz upon marrying into a very rich family.  It wasn't on display at the wedding.
  • Why wouldn't you get the same joy out of something you love if everyone didn't see the gift exchange?good point. I concede this round to you.
  • I'm sure you would get the same joy out of giving the gift in private, but giving it in public adds some panache and if it is customary and you don't do it that way, your guests probably wonder why you didn't. Just a guess. Shoot, Mike sent me flowers on our wedding day and all my friends were impressed.
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  • I think it's fine the dude bought the car, but I think to pretend that at least part of the point in presenting it in public isn't to show your friends that you got big bucks is silly.  I have no doubt that in some circles, showing off the bucks is absolutely customary.  I still think it's tacky. Bleached hair, fake boobs and skintight leopard print is customary in some circles too (see RHofOC).  I find that tacky as well.
  • Now that I am on team fallin on this, I will take a stab at that Kristen. I don't disagree that this is customary, blah blah. What I believe fallin's point is, that I agree with, is that while it may be all those things, it is still drawing mahjor attention to it, therefore AW.
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    Kristen- that's it. The watches were exchanged at a dinner and that is what was expected.
  • I'm really not disagreeing. In some way, I think pillows with your photo on them at a reception are just as AWey.
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  • I don't take issue with the spendy gift, especially being given in front of all the guests.  It's more fun to surprise someone with an audience, IMO, regardless of the size of the gift.  I would only take issue with the extravagance of the gift if they were serving cheesy poofs and stale grocery store cake.
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  • I'd take that car in a minute.  And happily. 
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  • He does look just like his dad, and his dad has a hot wife too. My Jewish friend told me that a lot of Jewish guys just have the "Jew Mojo". And no matter how awkward or less than perfect a guy is, if he's got the Jew Mojo, he can get the ladies. Maybe that's what happened here.
  • Is Mojo code for Ability to Give Exceptionally Expensive Gifts? 
  • I would not turn that car down, given in public or private.  He'd be cuter if he had a hair cut, but they look the same age and I think they look cute together.  It's reaching to judge their wedding. 
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  • I'm seriously dying at "jew mojo".  I hope I get an opportunity to say that soon.
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