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Being back at work after two weeks of glorious vacation sucks, just in case anyone was wondering.We had a great time in Bermuda. I didn't take many pics and the ones I did take I haven't uploaded. We went to the spa, laid by the pool, had fruity drinks.  After we left there we went to the beach in NJ for a few days. I read 4 books and was loving life, even the days just spent at home.I've spent my day today catching up on posts here and on FB. Way to be productive, right? On the bright side, my desk was not nearly as messy as I anticipated.
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Re: Back to reality

  • You followed up your Bermuda beach time with NJ beach time?  Isn't that sort of a letdown?
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Nah, it was just like two different vacations.  Bermuda was an easy going adult vacation and NJ was a family fun vacation with hubby's sister, BIL and their kids. We went on rides, went out for ice cream, etc.  Don't get me wrong, if I had to choose one it would be the Bermuda vacation, but both were enjoyable.Any posts from the last two weeks definitely worth reading?
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  • Can I ask where you went in Bermuda? My family has time share at the St. Georges Club and we went every year growing up.  I love it there. Did you get hit with any bad weather from Danny?
  • We stayed at the Fairmont Southhampton. It's where we went on our honeymoon. We love it.  We weren't there for Danny but we got out on the last plane they let leave before Bill.  It was crazy. They were boarding up the airport when we got there and we were literally the last plane off the island.  It was cool to see how much the weather changed in just a few hours.
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  • No problems ffrom the hurricane?
  • Nope, winged. We got out just in time!
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  • great! We actually posted about that right after you left wondering how that worked out!
  • oh, I didn't see that post. I can only go back 3 pages for some reason.
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