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Does anyone else think this is odd?

I have seen this ad a few times come up on my local Craigslist, while searching for good deals.  The ad itself isn't particularly weird, but the tone of it is off-putting to me.  Also, the fact that she accepts donations on Mondays and Tuesdays is even more strange.  I just wondered what other peoples' thoughts were on this:

Re: Does anyone else think this is odd?

  • My .02 says she only collects those days, because that's when her rental office is closed for appointments. It really seems she's trying to build a business. otherwise, if you need 3 tables of a specific size(like most people would), why post an ad showing just about every type of banquet table?

    But, I'm cynical like that lol.
  • I hate craigslist ads that yell at you. All caps, lots of explanation points, and horrible, horrible grammar. One I looked at in the free section yelled that they'd stand in their yard and watch you to make sure you took everything. Weird... 
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