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Re: Morning

  • Thanks for the condolences everyone. I read all the 50 shades books, but by the end I kept thinking 'does this chick have any self respect???' that drove me crazy! I also dislike Kristen Stewart in anything, ugh! That whole apathy thing she has going on is SO old!


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  • In Response to Re: Morning:
    I like Kristen Stewart in some of her old stuff.  Speak and Panic Room are two that come to mind.
    Posted by Edie Bee
    I haven't seen any of her older stuff, so I guess I shouldn't be so judgy! ;-)


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  • I read all the Twilight books. They were strangely addicting, even though I knew it wasn't great writing. The books are far better than the movies, Kristen Stewart's acting is awful. Somehow H has put up with watching all of them with me. We haven't seen the last one yet though. 

    I haven't read 50 Shades. I don't think I will. 

    I loved the Hunger Games trilogy, though the last book fell a bit short for me. The first movie was pretty decent, but like always, the books were better. I think I more excited for the second movie than for the first because of all the new characters in that one. 

    The book series that got me reading again was Harry Potter. Now I read all the time, though I was stagnated for about a year and half trying to get through all of the Song of Ice and Fire books. The last book took me forever.

    I just finished reading The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss and have started on the next book in the series, The Wise Man's Fear. To anyone who wants a new series to read, I definitely recommend that one.
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    B - I completely agree with you on HG. My favorite book was the first, but you're right about the characters in the second movie. The third book really drug on, and I didn't feel like her character was really redeemed in my eyes.
  • Good morning!

    I'm sorry, Angel.  They're more than pets.  I'm dreading the day I lose my Cheddar boy.

    I don't understand people who brag about not reading.  I've been a reader all my life and I love it.  I will not, however, spend $30 for the 50 Shades books on Kindle.  There's free stuff on literotica .com
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  • Swag - I didn't like the ending of the third HG either.  It's like she just wanted to stop writing, so 'boom' quick ending.
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  • In Response to Re: Morning:
    In Response to Re: Morning : How can you tell?  
    Posted by jcbsjr

    Sorry I havent seen anything with her in it and dont care to. My H read 50 shades, I think he was trying to convince me to read it, uh no! I like horror stories, just not those kinds.

    I've been online shopping my butt off. I have quite a few things taken care of. H who is hard to buy for will be surprised. I actually signed up for OpenSky yesterday, they have some nice stuff on that site I bought a cute little kitchen composter for step-daughter.
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