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Otter box vs life proof case

Does anyone have experience with these cases? My Dad got an iPhone and I want to get him a case. He is hard on phones so it needs to be sturdy. The guy at the phone store said it can be hard to hear with the life proof case but he may have said that because they don't sell those.

Re: Otter box vs life proof case

  • I had an Otterbox case and it definitely muffled the sound, I had the ringer turned all the way up and it was still hard to hear - it protected that phone though, I dropped it a million times and it was fine.
    The muffled sound might be a trade off for a super-safe phone.

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    I have an OtterBox Commuter and I really like it. I had one on my old phone as well. OtterBox has several different styles depending on what you're looking for. The Commuter isn't waterproof, but I did drop my old phone in a shallow puddle with no ill effects. I don't find that it muffles the sound at all.
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  • I have a lifeproof. The waterproofness is awesome. However.... Both my FI and I keep our phones in our pockets at work. The constant putting in and taking out from pockets has damaged both our lifeproof cases to the point they are no longer waterproof AFTER ONLY ^ MONTHS! When we bought them they were $100 each. Totally not worth it! I bought him an otterbox for his birthday in November and he loves it!
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