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So my dog just came inside and his foot was bleeding.  Looks like he gauged part of his pad.  I tried taping gauze to it, but he ripped it off.  Doesn't seem like it's bleeding anymore.  Should I take him to the vet?  Is there something that I should put on it? 

Perhaps I seem too worried. I've had a rough week with my pets and I am overbearing and nervous about everything.

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  • Oh no, poor baby! Wash it well with soap and water and keep a close eye on it. It wouldn't hurt to take him to the vet for some antibiotics or a gauze wrap. They normally wrap up the entire foot up to the ankle so that it can't go anywhere and won't get opened and infected.
  • clean it off with some of iodine if you have some. Im not sure there is much you can do. My dog has hurt his feet lots of times and it always ends up fine. Unless there is a gaping hole in his foot I think your okay.
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  • Thank you, Katie!! Should I call emergency vet or wait til tomorrow? I washed it, but he seems content to be licking it no matter how much I try to stop him.  It doesn't seem to hurt him otherwise, he's walking fine and the bleeding stopped rather quickly.  I worry so much about my pets, I can't imagine what I'll be like with my kids.
  • I would say attempt to keep it clean, and just watch it. Your pup probably won't let you keep it wrapped, but as long as it seems to heal well, I wouldn't think a vet would be necessary. Good luck!
  • I think as long as it's stopped bleeding you should be ok to wait until morning, just keep an eye on it.

    You could try putting a clean sock over it, and hold it in place with a hair band (not too tight obviously). Sounds ridiculous but it works.
  • Tetanus is a very real problem, so you need to either  a) evaulate it really well and make sure its just superficial. Then clean it out well with warm water and a little mild soap.  And rinse it out a couple a times a day for a few days b) take him to a vet to make sure its just superficial, get it cleaned up, and get his tetanus shot.  ( I vote B)

    We had to put a dog to sleep just a few weeks ago from a cut on his paw that his owners thought was fine. 
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  • I'd stay away from the iodine. Just clean it well with soap and water, then as pp said, if you CAN wrap it up and put a sock on it, do so. If not, doggie's doing what he knows to do. You could possibly try a little neosporin ointment, but I wouldn't use anything like iodine, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.

    And unless it's open, gaping, and bleeding profusely, you should be able to wait until morning to visit the vet, if it seems needed (and wouldn't hurt).
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  • If he's licking it a lot, I would also make sure to clean in between his pads once a day or so. My pup used to lick his paws a lot because of allergies and then his saliva would get in between his pads in the hair and it would cause bacteria to build up, only making the itching worse.

    Keep and eye on it and if it doesnt look any better or gets worse in a day or two, take him to a vet.
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    I completely agree with the PP on cleaning the area well, and rubbing in some neosporin.  I just checked our new dogs paws this evening (we adopted her about a month ago) and she also has a cut on her paw.  I'd keep an eye on it and continue to keep the area clean, but wouldnt rush to the vet unless it was a.) beginning to ooze a yellowish substance, b.) she was licking it incessently, or c.) she started to limp. 

    EDIT.... I am also the woman who stays up until 5am if my dogs are constipated or have runny stools. Its one thing to be able to tell you that your dog is completely fine, and another to be there while he/she is bleeding.  I can tell you that this cut is completely and totall not fatal!  Hang in there!  The week is finally over!
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