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Does this centerpiece look okay? I keep thinking it looks really homemade, but it could be because I made it and have been staring at it for the last 2 months. We were thinking of putting an open napkin underneath with little jars of candy around it. 

Re: Centerpieces

  • I love it!  I can't tell that it's homemade at all.  What did you make it out of?
  • That's beautiful!  Is it paper?
    It might be nice on a metallic charger or mirror, just a thought.
  • Thanks! It's tissue paper over a styrofoam ball. I'm really worried they will get smushed and am constantly worried that I didn't make the right decision by not using flowers. But it was a budget decision. And I enjoy the arts and crafts. Are you guys doing real flowers or something else for your centerpieces?
  • That's lovely! I think jars around it would hide it too much mabe smaller things to give the napkin it sits on life? I love that centerpeice!
  • Our reception venue has really nice centerpieces (candles and flowers) that I think we may use.  Still haven't really decided yet.
  • And I wont have any flowers at the wedding except as gifts for the moms, widows and memory of the deceased. So I wont have flowers unless flowers are appropriate and symbolicly nessesary for someone else.
  • I think that it looks great! :)

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