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New here....

Hi all just wanted to introduce myself, My name is Christina and my FI name is Casey. We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary this past Tuesday. We have been engaged for 4 months and we finally set a date Oct 19, 2013. We did things backwards we have 3 kids all boys. 1 is mine from a previous relationship, and just recently purchased a home. Some people may think I don't deserve a big fair tale wedding but that's what I want. Within reason of course not too over the top but something nice.
Just wanted to give you all a little info on myself and say Hello.

Re: New here....

  • Congrats!  Welcome.  I think if you want a big wedding then do it who cares what anyon else thinks.    Are you guys paying for it yourselves?  I commend you for wanting to do it with three kids!  I don't have any and sometimes I want to elope haha.  Happy planning! :)
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  • You totally deserve a big fairy tale wedding!  It's your day, you get to do what you want!! Congrats!  We're getting married the same day!!  Only four hundred some more days!
  • Thank you!! I think I just need to hear that from others. I dont want to seem selfish. My mom is going to help us pay for it along with a few other members of my family helping out.
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