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what to say to bridesmaid

So last night I was having dinner with a couple of my bridesmaids(one was my sister). The conversation came around to when I was going to look at dresses.  I said I wasn't going until October.  One of my bridesmaid was like yay I can't wait to go with you to try things on.  Well I hadn't planned on inviting her to go.  I don't know if it was because I already had so much wine in me that I was like ya sure that will be great.  My sister looked at me because she knew who I had already wanted to go with me that day:  my three sisters, my mom and my FIs mom.  I feel like it will be TOO much if I bring almost my whole bridal party.  How can I say no now?  Ughh.  I feel bad.
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Re: what to say to bridesmaid

  • I would probably just not bring it up to her again. If she asks you about it just tell her you decided that you just wanted it to be your sisters and the moms. Also tell her that if you find something you like you'll take pictures and show her. Once it comes in your are more than happy if she'd come with you to see it.

    The only person that went with me was my mom. My sister and best friend were mad but I wasn't actually trying to find my dress when I did. I just had that itch to try some on. Once it came in, my bff came with me to try it on.


  • I'd also not mention it, and just hope she forgets.  However, if she brings it up again, a little white lie might be the best route.  Maybe just saying something like "when I was talking to my mom about it, she was really hoping for just a day with her daughters (plus FIs mom), I'm so sorry!" And then maybe make an offer as Stina suggested and have her go to one of your fittings.  

    Sometimes little white lies really are the best way to spare hurt feelings. 
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