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Just Wedding Cake??

I am having a 2pm Wedding in October. I am thinking all I want to serve is cake. Do I really need anything else?! Of course punch/tea is a given. Suggestions welcome!
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Re: Just Wedding Cake??

  • That's totally fine. I agree with Duds about adding other things if you can, but it's definitely not necessary.
  • I think it would also depend on how long your reception is. If its 4 hours and all they have to eat is cake it might not work out so well, so light snacks would be appropriate. 
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  • is it a full ceremony that will last til 3? or is it a 15-20min type of wedding?  how long is the reception?

    as soon as you start approaching the 4pm-5pm hour, or if you expect guests to stay longer than 3-4 hours -- definitely consider some sort of small-plates or appetizers to pass around.  Most people will not have eaten since noon-ish.  If you have diabetics, or people who don't enjoy cake attending, they'll need other options.  The worst thing you could do is starve people at your wedding -- they'll leave early and/or complain.

    from what you described, i'd probably serve the cake, fruit trays, and perhaps tea sandwiches (the cute triangle ones with no crusts). that would all go very well with the punch/tea.

    also, i would consider stating this on your invitation somehow as a "tea and cake" reception, or "light appitizers will be served".  If you just label it 'reception', most people will expect substantial food.
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