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Cheesecake wedding cake

Has anyone ever attended a wedding reception where the wedding cake was a cheesecake.? A couple I know would like a wedding cake made of cheesecake. 

If you have attended such a wedding reception -- or had such a wedding cake at tyour own reception  -- how was the cake decorated? When the cake was sliced, did the guests receive the cake slice  in a small container to take home? Did the bride and bridegroom feed each other the caie?

Any experiences that anyone would like to share would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Cheesecake wedding cake

  • This was before I joined the family but DH's sister had a cheesecake wedding cake.  It was stacked and decorated exactly like a wedding cake and was frosted with stabilized whipped cream.  Go with a company that does this and they will help  you with the information on logistics - how long it can be out before being cut and served, and how you will store it.  I have heard family members rave about it and that wedding was over 20 years ago.  Do be mindful that cheesecake is one of those things that people hate or love and there is a group that hates them.  I could die eating cheesecake but there are those who detest it.

  • now theres a great idea! Cheesecake! you made up my mind lol
  • Yes, my cousin did this. It was an August wedding and she had almost 300 guests and it was fine. She had 3 kinds, arranged in big tiers. One was marbled with raspberry, one was marbled with chocolate, and there was 1 more kind. They were on separate risers, though I can't remember the rest of the decoration. They were served to us like a regular wedding cake slice.
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  • My fiance wants to do cheesecakes as well, but mini ones like cupcakes.  So glad we aren't the only ones considering it. We both HATE cake
  • I've seen this a few times. most ofthe ones I've seen weren't decorated per se, just covered in berries or chocolate or what have you like a cheesecake normally would. Severeal had one large cheesecake for the cutting, but minis for serving to the guests which seems to work well.
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  • my fiancé also doesn't like cake so we looked at cheesecake briefly since there is a bakery in our area that is known for that. Her cakes start at $10/person so that ended our interest right there. So, it's possible. =)
  • We had raspberry cheesecake the first time I was married. The baker thought she could do it, but gave us a steep discount just in case. She frosted the cake with cream cheese frosting. Decorations could not be ornate...Swiss dots, a ribbon border, and fresh flowers on top. It had to be tiered rather than stacked, and they couldn't leave it out for the whole ceremony.... They brought it out about halfway through dinner. It was out for a hour or two before we cut and served it. I think one tier was regular chocolate cake for the non cheesecake people. It tasted amazing, and everyone thought it was so unique...
  • yes ive been to a wedding where I offered to make my friend her wedding cake, i made the cake but they also had pie and cheesecake on a desert table
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