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Here we go. The venue we booked two years ago is beauitful and came with three caterers to choose from all well known and in different price ranges to accomodate all budgets. We are wanting to do a plated dinner. We think buffet lines are like hearding cattle in line not what i am going for, but its works for some people. Well at the time that was great now we have too many guest for one of the caterers max is 150 we are 30 over. The second is good food but not quite what we are looking for. They are 4 dollars more a plate than the other two, and i just don't feel that BBQ Chicken is a good choice. That being said we are going with our last option and they don't want to do a plated dinner at this venue cause of space i undersand, but they agreed to do this last wedding.

Now i need to know what proper etiquette is when it comes to invites. Do you let them choose between chicken and beef or whatever two dishes we choose? Or do you pick one dish for everyone that let it be done? My feeling is that i can not choose Chicken for approx. 175 people. Help? Also the caterer in the past has only done one entree for the whole wedding but does offer a duo plate meaning we can have two meats on the same dish. Any ideas?


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    We are just picking Chicken for our dinner we know that all of our guest will eat chicken so that wasn't a problem for us.

    I would talk to your catering place and see what their policy is for allowing guest to choice between two dishes (as when they need a final count and ect).
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    It definately depends on your caterer, and what their requirements are. If you want to offer your guests 2 options, usually you would decide what two you want to offer than you would have them select their entree on the Reply card. Then you would keep track of who wants what, and submit your final #'s to the caterer (X amount of dish A, X amount of dish B).  A lot of places have you use escort cards that have some signal as to which entree the guest chose so the wait staff knows (You could write A or B on the back).  If you are not going to offer a choice I would definately go w/ a duo plate, since chances are not everyone is going to like the one entree you choose.  I always like a surf and turf for a duo (beef and fish).  But you could also do a poultry and beef.
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    Concerning your first pick of caterer:  How many children are part of the 180?  If you have a large enough number of kids as guests, that might bring your head count down to 150 so you can use the first caterer.  I suggest mac-n-cheese or pizza or chicken nuggets for the little angels.
    As for what to serve, a duo is very popular.  I suggest browsing the menu at The Cheesecake Factory for ideas.  I'm wanting steak diane & chicken cordon bleu for ours.  HTH
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    Ditto apaadzzzz totally! We gave our guests 2 meat choices as well. And we also had kids meals on our rsvp cards bc we will be having a few kids. Our chef told us to use some sort of code (could be A and B, or red & green dots) on the place cards so the waiters know who gets what entree.
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