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How much food for buffett?

We are inviting around 150 people to our wedding, and we are planning on doing a buffett style dinner with two entree selections.  The caterer calcualted a rough estimate cost by ordering 150 of each entree but I feel like that is too much?  Any ideas on how many of each entree we should really order?  Thanks!  :)

Re: How much food for buffett?

  • I think the general rule is to always order true to the guest number.
    Also, is 150 the number invited or the rough estimate attending? Because we are inviting 250 but only anticipate 150 (lots of very far OOT family).
  • It's always better to have too much than not enough. Also, your caterer is a professional and ought to have a good idea of how large a portion to provide for each guest taking into account that people tend to eat more at a wedding than under normal circumstances.  150 portions of an entree at a buffet may be smaller than 150 portions of the same entree if it's being served as a plated meal because caterers know that people tend to sample some of everything. 

  • I think that must be standard, I'm doing a buffet also & my coordinator told me they make enough so each person can have 1 piece of each.
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