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Hunter and Max's The Barbeque Shack.

Hunter Whittingham



"the home of the really scared pigs"

1453 Pritchard Rd E

Manchester, WA 98366 

I want to give a warning to any of the brides or people looking for a caterer in the Kitsap County area. My wedding is coming up in August and I wanted a luau style pit pig for the food. My mom went to a local butcher shop and got a recommendation for Hunter and Max's The Barbeque Shack. It is a locally run (out of a house) business. The owner is Hunter Whittington and he is a verbally abusive scam artist! My mother gave him a rather large deposit to hold the date and to purchase the pig when it came time.. Well I wanted to meet with him, so we set up a meeting at the venue. He didn't show. We tried to call him numerous times and his voicemail said he was down at Ocean Shores fishing!

So after leaving a bunch of voicemails and sending a ton of emails over the next few days I finally got the bright idea of calling from a different phone number. Guess what? That worked. He answered right away, when I confronted him about our missed appointment and his lack of courtesy in calling me back, he was rude and twisted it around to make it seem like my fault. After listening to his condescending remarks for a few minutes I informed him that I didn't think he was the caterer for me, I asked for my deposit back. He had the nerve to say "Why would I give you your money back?" After explaining that I didn't feel that I could work with him, he came up with a bunch of lies and excuses about not being able to get the deposit back from buying the pig.. Really you bought a pig 4 months in advance? I hope he has a big freezer, or maybe he is raising it himself, fattening it up for the slaughter?!

After much evasive maneuvering on his part we got down to the real reason he didn't want to refund my money.. he had already cashed and spent the deposit, probably to finance his ocean fishing trip. I still have not received the deposit back, I told him he had until the end of the month and we would begin to take legal action after that. I just want to make sure that no body else has to deal with this jerk and the stress he is causing!


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