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Candy buffet - suggestions for types of candy

So we are having a candy buffet at our wedding.  I'm trying to decide what to all put on it.  Right now I know I am going to get Reeses pieces, M&M, mixed nuts.  Trying to get other ides of what I should have.  WOndering what others have done.  I would like to keep it to $200 to $300 I only need to buy the candy as we are going to use Glass and Silver dishes that family have already.

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Re: Candy buffet - suggestions for types of candy

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    At DD's wedding in 05 we had hershey kisses, mini reese cups, good & plenty (groom's fave), whoppers (bride's fave), saltwater taffy, ring pops for the kids (adults took them), and I can't remember the other 3 or 4 items.  Hope that helps.
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    That does help!  Thanks for that!  I'll take all the ideas I can get then I can get the perfect combination for us!
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    any candy would be good for the buffet. Some ideas are gummy bears, wonka candy is fun (runts, nerds, bottle caps), rolos, lolllypops, sixlets (come in a variety of colors, might be too similar to m&ms though), cinnamon hearts, gummy rings in your fave flavors? rock candy pieces, fruit slices. Something popular right now is candy buffets going with your wedding colors or theme (so beach themed would be gummy sharks, or winter themed could be candy sticks in red, white and green, etc...) has great ideas for this!  
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    We are using M&Ms, gummy bears, peppermints (grandpas favorite), mini Reeses, Dum Dum pops, and gumballs.

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    not everyone does, but we went with our colors. we had those gummy O rings, dark pink, light pink and green m&ms, those dove chocolates in pink wrappers, 3 musteekers in green wrappers, pink/green salt water taffy, and we found these round hard candys with pink hearts in the center (on far left)

    some go with their colors, some just buy candy that they believe people will like.

    we also avoiding anything with nuts....we had a few guests with nut allergies. nut allergies are really common nowadays. i would label anything that had nuts
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    My biggest problem  preparing for our candy table is...

    tiny candy needs big volume to make the jars look full.  Also the big scoops can wipe out a jar of tiny M&M's after just a few guests have their fill up.

    Also, candy is HEAVY and EXPENSIVE to ship!  As of now, I can not beat the prices at oriental trading for their bulk candy because orders over $50 ship free! I have $50 in DJ favors like sunglasses, leis and   glow sticks so my candy is shipping FREEEEE!

    Get 10-20 pieces of a few large items like rock candy lollipops, those big jumbo lollipops for $1 a piece at the dollar store and stock up on 5cent bazooka and gum balls, they are big and take up space int he jars. 

    Lastly stick candy like licorice/twizzlers and peppermint sticks look pretty too and are cheap.
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