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Gigi's Cupcakes

Has anyone heard of or used them?  My daughter swears by them, and since my cake fell through, I'm seriously debating going with cupcakes.  The flavors sound amazing.
C+D, Four kids, two kids-in-law, four grandkids

Re: Gigi's Cupcakes

  • SD3194SD3194 member
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    You might have more luck if you post this on our local board
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    Gigi's has locations all over, not just in Raleigh. My daughter is in Athens GA and she's the one that told me about them.
    C+D, Four kids, two kids-in-law, four grandkids
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    I've had Gigi's Cupcakes and they're GREAT!  One of my close friends is having a cupcake bar at her wedding reception with cupcakes from Gigi's and it's going to be so cute.  They're delicious and impressive looking--I've neer seen so much frosting on a cupcake before!
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    Thanks, Kari!  Even though my daughter swears by them, I wanted to get another opinion.
    C+D, Four kids, two kids-in-law, four grandkids
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    They do have ALOT of frosting, IMO, a bit too much.  If I were serving Gigi's cupcakes at my wedding, I'd be sure to have milk or even vanilla ice cream around to even out the frosting!  Good Luck
  • I just used them for our wedding in Tampa, FL and that branch is a disaster! Stay away, super disorginized and rude people working there! Good luck!
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