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So I am having a budget wedding and it is about a year out.  There will be probably 50-75 people there, and I have no idea what to do for the reception food.  My mother and grandmother offered to help me put the menu together, if I do not want catering.  My question is which would be easier/ cheaper.  Catering or making my own food?

And if you have any suggestions on the menu and the cost reducing ideas if I decided to make my own food.
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Re: catering?

  • jess9802jess9802 member
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    Catering is almost always going to be easier than trying to cook enough food for 50-75 people. It will be expensive, but IMO there are some things in life worth paying for.

    What is your budget? What time of day are you hoping to have the wedding and reception? If you have a mid-afternoon wedding, your reception food can be as simple as fruit and veggie trays, deli meat, cheese, punch, and wedding cake. If you're going to have the reception fall during a meal time, you really need to serve enough food to constitute a meal.
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    Catering will be easier, of course, especially if the caterer takes responsibility for plates, utensils, etc.  Depending on how formal you want the food to be and what time of day, you can go with more casual food options that will be less expensive.  We found a caterer in our area that for about $11/person will cater a BBQ with hambrugers/hot dogs/veggie burgers, 2 sides, 2 veggies, a bread, 2 desserts, and a drink, which includes servers to help put things together and disposable plates/flatware/cups.  You could look for something like that. 

    Pasta is generally another inexpensive option.  You could think about having a couple kinds of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread as a meal, either catered or DIY if you really want to go that route.  If you, your mom, and your grandmother don't have experience making food for 50-75 people, I probably wouldn't DIY.  It would be stressful to worry about having the right amount of food, plus you have to worry about food safety issues. 

  • cerissacerissa member
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    I recommend a caterer. The days before the wedding, the last thing you and your family will have a lot of time for is food prep, delivery and set up.   A lot goes into catering for that many people and at the end of the day, you won't be in the mood to do clean up ..nor will your feet. 

    Lots of options are open based on your budget.  As mentioned previously, pasta is very inexpensive.  You can have cavatappi pasta, spaghetti, aldredo sauce, tomato sauce with meet and let them make their own pasta dish.  Bread sticks, garlic bread, salads and add a veggie dish like sauteed spring mix veggies (green beans, zuchinni (yellow and green) etc.. and call it good.  It's inexpensive, appeals to just about everyone and it will fill them up.   I assume you're having a wedding cake so there's dessert.   Talk to local caterers and if they don't have what you want on their menu, don't be afraid to ask them to create a special menu for what you're looking for.   
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