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Cupcake Stand?

We are doing cupcakes and our baker has a clear acrylic stand they rent, or we can find our own. I don't really like the acrylic. I'm trying to find a stand that will be pretty even as it's being emptied. I've looked around and can't find one I love.
Our decor is kind of global vintage--bright colors mixed with golds, antique whites, Indian prints, peacocks (it will sort of look like a World Market). Anyone have a website suggestion for a cupcake stand that might work? TIA :)

Re: Cupcake Stand?

  • This website has them, but they are not cheap:

    They also have plain white cardboard ones that you could alter with fabrics or other coverings to make it look in line with the rest of your decor.
  • I'm working with a few brides who are doing their own. I saw on pinterest where you can take the dollar store stove covers and cheap candle sticks, spray paint them, then do a big display that way. The pictures I've seen look really cool!

    The only I bought for my bakery cost about $200 for the largest, but it's awesome!
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  • I am doing cupcakes as well...
    My FI is building our tower out of wood (he is a contractor)
    I did find some on ebay that are made out of wood and they can customize them to your needs, I think they were around $100 depending on size.
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