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Cake or ice cream?

FI is very traditional and very hesitant to consider change. While I recognize it's OUR day, I really want to serve what guests will enjoy. That said, and considering the cost of wedding cake (yowza)... Has anyone done or will do ice cream sundaes instead? Is there a cost benefit?
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Re: Cake or ice cream?

  • Do what you want but if your FI really wants a cake then I suggest compromising and do both.  You two should both get what you want on your day together. 
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  • Do what you want.  There are other cheaper desserts, though.  You could have a dessert buffet with several different options, including a small cake that you cut, if that's important to your FI.  You could have a small cake for cake-cutting and then serve guests from sheet cakes kept in the back (a lot of the expense is the decoration).  

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    We are doing both. We are having a wedding cake. Later in the evening our caterer is doing a brownie sundae bar. Warm brownies, hot fudge, ice cream and toppings.
  • Both!!

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