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How heavy is too heavy for a cake topper? I found a glass one I like but it seams heavy to me. I did some searching and I found a bride who said hers was so heavy it started sinking in and then fell off. I thought if it was went for a cake it would be fine but I guess I'm wrong. Any thoughts? Anyone had a problem with this?

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    My sister had a somewhat large Cinderella and Prince Charming crystal cake topper and didn't find out until 2 days before that it was too heavy for the top. They ended up placing it next to the cake with some flowers around it. Looked really weird to me. Definitely take it to your baker way before so you can get their professional opinion.
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    Ditto pp. I would get the baker's opinion. If he/she says it's too heavy and you still would like to use it, you can display it next to the cake on the cake table. I have seen that done a number of times.
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    if the topper is heavy and the baker has it in time, they can usually build a support pillar in the cake to hold it up so the topper isn't supported by the cake but by the supports.
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    Talk to your baker, they may be able to add dowels to the top layer to support it better.

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