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My fiancee is into MMA, He trains, fights some, and of course watches the UFC.  I had seen that many companies have sports wedding cake toppers but no one have MMA or boxing.  Does anyone know anyplace that has MMA grooms?  I did find one website that has one but the cost of that cake topper is $300, my budget for my dress is ariound $600 so I don't want to spend 50% of what I spent on my dress on mhy cake topper. 
But when I mentioned maybe having a MMA Fighter groom as a cake topper he was so happy so I really want to do this.

Please help!
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Re: Cake Toppers

  • katheriner89katheriner89
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    Could you not have the groom's cake be MMA instead of trying to find a cake topper?
    Or look online for MMA related stuff that you could put on the cake table.

    Look in the toy section on walmart, they might have a little mma fighter guy.
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    Could you have a more generic cake topper that incorporated the MMA elements, like the gloves?

    My friends recently had these done, and asked the artist to put an XBox game controller in her hand instead of the bouquet :D
  • JenO24JenO24
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    try talking to your cake baker too - they may know of some other places that might have what you're looking for or could help you get creative to give you your desired effect
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