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Groom's cake

My fiance does not like cake, however he loves cheesecake. My mom plans to make him a chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake in the shape of a chevy symbol, because he loves his camaro. 

I was wondering if it would be considered rude to have the cheesecake on display at the wedding, since it resembles something he likes, but not serve it to the guests.... he's like a little kid when it comes to cheesecake- he's stingy.

Any ideas?

Re: Groom's cake

  • I would never display something only one person is allowed to eat. Is there a way to make it bigger so more people can enjoy it? Or have a couple of them but only one displayed? That way when the one with the chevy symbol runs out there is another one to take its place?

    We did have a small gluten free cake displayed for the couple of people who had celiacs. The guests did know that that one cake was special and allowed the couple of guests first dibs. H and I also had a slice of the small cake and it was yummy! But we also had a 3 tier wedding cake and a large grooms cake that people could enjoy.
  • It's really, really not okay. If you have it you've got to offer it to all the guests.  What you can do to make it easier on your mom is to make/buy a bunch of other cheesecakes to slice up in the kitchen to supplement the display cake (because I agree that asking her to make a gigantic Chevy shaped cake is asking a lot). 

    Or if the display cake will be enough for most guests to get a slice, your mom could supplement with one more regular cheesecake for H and just have his own cake available for the hotel/house after you go home from the reception.
  • tldhtldh member
    edited February 2012
    If you display it, you have to offer it to the guests.

    Also, how selfish is he that he won't give a slice of cake to people who came to his wedding and more likely than not, gave you guys a gift or an envelope with a check in it?
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