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3 tier wedding cake at walmart for 139.00!

I was in Walmart the other day and they have 3 tiered wedding cakes for 139.00!  So I asked for a sample and it was delicious! By far Walmarts cake tasted better than all the bakerys I have been to! Only thing is you can only pick a cake from their design which all were beautiful! Just a thought for all you brides that didnt thing you could afford a traditional wedding cake :)

Re: 3 tier wedding cake at walmart for 139.00!

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    I always sort of wondered how much they cost. Local grocery stores have really good deals too and their cakes are equally awesome.
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    I hate Walmarts icing. I thought about going with Kroger.
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    The down side to Wal Mart is that they do not deliver and some will not stack the cakes either (depends on the decorator's experience).  Make sure you are able to pick up the cake the day of your wedding, transport it, and stack it (so you also have to buy items for a support system, cut them, stack, hide seam...).
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    Ditto PP about Walmart not delivering, stacking cakes, etc.  Sometimes the extra cost is worth it to not have to add the stress of one more thing to your plate.

    But if you have plenty of people to help out with the cake, then go for it!
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    There's one other thing to consider, their portion is half the size (1x1x3-4) of the average wedding slice (1x2x4-5)...  Also, if something happens in the delivery (wind gust blows the door into the cake) you're SOL compared to if something happens to the bakery who is delivering the cake if something happens in the delivery THEY take care of things for you. 
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    One of my friends got married at the beach last year and Walmart did her cake. It was stacked and it tasted fine. She did have one minor problem when picking it up though. It was hot outside and the icing melted and bled in one or two spots. It wasnt bad but I noticed it.

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    My cousin had walmart do her cake and it looked great. I don't like wedding cake so I can't comment on the taste. The groom picked it up but my aunt stacked it. I am debating about doing this since neither my FI or I like cake and for some reason wedding cake has become expected with weddings.
  • I think this is the way we're going to go.. It just makes sence. I don't want to pay $500 for a cake that most ppl will just take a few bites out of then throw away. 
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