Reasonably Priced Wedding and Reception Venues in Va

My fiancee and I have just gotten engaged and are looking at wedding venues. We are having a small wedding with 50 to 60 guests and we are on a BUDGET. We want a venue that is not to outrageously priced, that allows outside catering, and is generally beautiful. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. We would appreciate it
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Re: Reasonably Priced Wedding and Reception Venues in Va

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    Where in VA are you looking?
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    Hello and congrats on your engagement.

    Perhaps have a look at the Hampton Roads Vendor topic above yours. It is a blog created so that you could find things you need a little better!

    Hope this helps!

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    Anywhere, I live in Spotsylvania, Virginia and most of my family lives in Richmond, Virginia. I am willing to travel anywhere in Virginia
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    I attended a wedding at Boxwood Inn in Newport News and it was quite nice.  At a first glance it was a little scary, but once everything was set up it was great.  The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL.  White chairs on the lawn of the house with beautiful grounds.  There is a kitchen for caterers to use and a big room for food to be set out.  And then there are little separate rooms for tables for dinner, and then everyone gathered into this back enclosed 'porch' type area for dancing.  I dont know what their budget was, but the place seemed great for a small intimate, diy wedding!

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