Should I be worried?

  I put the deposit down for my church way back in Feb. I have called and talked to the wedding corrdinator once or twice. The one time I called to find out when we would meet with the clergyman who was going to marry us. She told me that they had not decided yet because my wedding was still so far in the future. (getting married 2/27/10). Now my wedding is only 4 months away and I still haven' heard anything from her. When I talk to she tells me that I don't have to pay the rest of the church untill rehersal. Should I be worried that they are not making contact with me or am I just over worring because I do this alot?

Re: Should I be worried?

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    I wouldn't worry about it.  If you've talked with them a few times already, they have you down for your wedding.  They're probably just trying to work out schedules for whomever will perform your ceremony - that can still be difficult four months out.We didn't have to pay for the church in full until the week before our wedding and we only met with our officiant once before the ceremony.
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