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Name change

I got married 10 days ago and we just got back from our honeymoon. I'm a little lost on the name change thing. How do I go about changing my name? Do I wait for the official marriage license to come in the mail? What is the first step?

Re: Name change

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    You have to have the offical marriage license to change your driver's license and social security card. I also had to have it to change my back account info.
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    Once you get your official marriage certificate, you take it to the Social Security office downtown with your old SS card and they'll give you a temporary one and the new one will come in the mail.I was able to go to the BMV with just my marriage certificate and old driver's license and they let me get my new license right away.  My SS card came about two weeks later.Then, you'll need any one or combination of your marriage license, new driver's license and new SS card in order to change your name on your personal accounts, bills, etc.
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