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Reception, Tamaron: A+ There is almost nothing bad I can say about Tamaron. I had a lot of concern when Mandy left and when they filed for chapter 11 but it turned out great. Vicky was the person I delt with and she was very nice. The food was great, the service was great, and she did everything she could to help us. We got to go the Wednesday before the wedding to set everything up and she was there the whole day with us helping out. We even made mention of how my dad likes to drink Labatt Blue Light beer and they made sure they had a couple of cases of it there no extra charge. They made sure that my husband and I had drinks during dinner. Everything was beautiful, clean and they were all so friendly. Each person got to have both meal choices that we picked. They also offered seconds to a lot of people. We had about 150 people there and it was the perfect size. There is also huge windows that allow you to look out over the golf course. Very beautiful. I can't say enough good things about this place. Also, we found out we got 4 free rounds of golf! We're both golfers so we were pretty happy. Cake, Wixey's Bakery: A The cake was good. Wixeys has a deal with tamaron and all you do is go to the bakery and say what kind of cake you want and how you want it to look and they do the rest. The price of the cake is included in the price per person at tamaron so you don't have to worry about cost. I wanted a square cake instead of a round one and if it wasn't through tamaron it was going to be a lot more. The cake was good and it looked great. If you tell them you're having a wedding they will give you a dozen cupcakes for free to try all the flavors and fillings. Very Good! Flowers, Beth Flores-Enchanting Flowers: A Beth was great. We met with her once and went over what I wanted. The rest of the time we talked over email, which is a huge plus for me. She showed up on time, with all the right flowers and they were all beautiful. I spent under $500 for all my flowers including my 6 bridesmaids. I think she was great and would reccomend her to anyone! DJ, Ultimate Nights, C When booking ultimate nights we talked with Brian the whole time. Brian was great. For our reception we had Marty I think. He wasn't that good. He messed up Multiple names for the wedding party when they were being intorduced. Including my sister Amy. How can you mess up amy? He also seemed to only play the music that he wanted to hear. I heard sooo many times during the reception "I asked the DJ to play this song but he never did". My grandmother, my father and 2 of my bridesmaids included. I spent a lot of time making the "must play list" and I know at least 2/10 were not played. I really wouldn't reccomend using Marty if you can help it. Photography, Gerri - Serendipity-?? Gerri was very nice. We haven't seen the photos yet so I can't say for certain how she was but she did all the shots I asked for and even tried to help get my 2 year old nephew to stand still by giving him some candy : ) Thats pretty much it. I hope this helps. I would be happy to show you pictures or tell you more about anything if you need it. You can e-mail me at acbaker_03 at yahoo dot com. Good luck.

Re: Vendor Reviews

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    Sounds like your day was awesome!!! Sorry to hear about Ultimate Nights -- we booked them too but have a different DJ... So glad to hear that the cake was awesome! Our reception place also offers the Wixey package so it's soooo good to hear that the cake was a good deal... CONGRATS!!!
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    happy to hear that you liked enchanted flowers.  we booked them for ours!  Did you have center pieces, or is that price just for flowers for wedding party, parents, etc.?  
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    That was just for the wedding flowers. We didn't use her for anything else. We got my flowers, 6 bridesmaids, 2 corsages, rose petals for the flower girl and then rose petals to throw as we left the church (instead of bird seed or bubbles or something). I also had only Calla Lilys which I know are a little more on the expensive side of flowers. She was great though! Good luck with your wedding.
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