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Ceremony/ Reception: Hilton Garden Inn Levis Commons- A+++ I love them. The lady that i worked with is Jenny McCord and she is an absolutle delight to work with....Everything went so smooth at my wedding...we couldn't have asked for a better day. The Staff was awesome they were so nice. We just had an awesome night and we thnk the Hilton for that! Band : Rudy and the Professionals A+ Sherri is the manager who is the only women in the band. Rudy is the lead singer he was born and raised in the Bahamas and came over here to entertain 7 years ago. My husband loves Reggae and we wanted to have a motown feel. The Oldies are the best for a wedding especially live. I wish we got to hear them more because we were pulled in so many directions to talk to people, but the last 10 minutes the BP and our closest friends were on the dance floor and they asked if we wanted to hear anything special and since my husband missed his favorite songs 3 little birds by Marley,so i immediately told him to play that and it was awesome Rudy was on the dance floor with us and i was singing into his mic and i forget his name but the horn playing came down and did this amazing solo. couldn't have asked for a better ending to the perfect night! Flowers: Barts Viviano-B Anne is the person who is there designer. I did love her vision but i honestly wanted it bigger. My personal flowers were an A+ i loved them how they came out she understood my vision. The reception certerpieces were tall vases with rocks and moss in the them and birch branches with hanging votives from them . I honestly thought they would be bigger....For how expensive they are i was expecting something bigger. Don't get me wrong they have wonderful stuff and visions, but i wanted more. Linens:Meredith Party rentals-A WE ordered linens from them and i was so happy to have them dry cleaned and hung in a way that you would not get creases in them like i was worried that would happen. We did have to return them the next day but luckily they were there the next day setting up for another event and they just ook them for us without telling us so that was nice but we were freaking out a little cause we didn't know they did that. Tuxes: MW TUX-A We had no problems execpt one of the guys did have to have the arms altered but it was fine..They all looked great i was very pleased! Dress: Cincinnati Bridal and Formal-A+ I am very lucky that my sis in law live down in cinci i would have never found this place and my dress...i am a bigger girl and they had multiple options for me to try on and yes it is a little crammed for the fitting area but the service was amazing...they were very accomadating when i would call to find out the progress of the dress they would immediately call the designer and get back with me, so it was refreshing to work with people that cared about the brides!! Photog-Everlasting Images-A+ we were so lucky to have been referred to Sam and his wife. They are fairly new and have the photojournalism eye.they are not traditional at all which i love. We paid $2000 for 12 hours on the wedding day and 2 photogs all the rights to the photos, $150 credit for pics and $1000 credit to make our album. And an engagement session. We did have to pay $150 to get the DVD rights to our engagement session but i dont' care it was worth it!! Here is the link to our wedding if you want to check out the pics http://everlastingimages.zenfolio.com/f153098656 I don't think i'm forgetting anything but if you have questions pls let me know you can email at [email protected] Happy Planning!!

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