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Just ranting

So FI and I have never been huge on sweetest day. A card, bottle of wine maybe, and we're good to go. No huge ordeal. We've been together 3 years now. I get him a card, his fav chocolate, his fav Italian treat, and this Camaro magazine he's been eyeing up for a few weeks. Nothing major...but something. I give him his gift this morning...he say's "Oh thanks, sweetie! I forgot it was sweetest day. I'm not much of a sweetest day kind of guy." It wasn't a big deal...but seriously I gave him that at like 10:00 this morning. You didn't even think to go get flowers? a card? Nothing? He's had all day...and nothing. He even tried getting me to go buy him jeans today on top of it. WTF???? So because he's not a sweetest day kind of guy...I get the shaft? What the hell is up with that? I'm normally not all hung up on crap like this...but it seriously rubbed me the wrong way today. That's my little vent. Hope your FI's were at least a little more on the ball today than mine was.
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Re: Just ranting

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    Mine got me a copy of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and a thing of candy. He thought about getting me flowers, but I was awake before him. And if you want to count it, he cleaned the living room, but I did make mention to him it needed to be done before I went grocery shopping...so he only gets half a brownie point for it.
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    Well...we talked and I explained to him last night why I was slightly irritated. The one thing I absolutely love about him is that if I ever have a problem with him or with something...he'll be the first to own up to it, apologize, and do everything he can to make it better. He spent the whole day today with me shopping, took me to starbucks for coffee, opening doors, and being a complete sweetheart. He tries. So he did at least redeem himself today and we enjoed a really nice afternoon together today.
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    aww, yes he tried to make it up to you! What a sweetheart :-)Don't you just love nice afternoons like that together?
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