Non-denominational officiants?

Hi.  Fiance and I are not religious and therefore not affiliated with a church, but we need someone to marry us.  Any suggestions for non-denominational officiants?  I've found some online, but their prices are outrageous- about $400 for a simple ceremony!  Any help greatly appreciated!

Re: Non-denominational officiants?

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    Melissa with "Beautiful Memories Wedding and Event Planning" is also an officiant. She's a doll to work with, too! Her website is: http://www.mybeautifulmemory.com/ and her # is: 419.944.0157 Not sure her prices for officiating, but I have to believe it's better than what you're finding! Good luck!
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    We met with an officiant who i met at the Zoo Bridal Show.... She was so kind and definitely was willing to do the ceremony that we wanted. She is a Christaian but she was very comfortable doing a non-denominational wedding... She charges $25 deposit to book and $175 for total (so I guess $150 after deposit)-- wedding rehersal is included! Her name is Joyce A. Kachenmeister (419-380-2343 or 419-480-1650 -- one is home and one is cell) and she actually has her own Wedding Coordinator business (Crystal Manor River Weddings).... As soon as our deposit was in, she sent us many samples of cermonies... She also said that we could go online and build our own ceremony to fit our needs... AND one thing she didn't charge was for (which many others were charging between $25-50)... If you wanted to have a friend do a reading or read a poem... It is no charge! She was definitely a great choice for us... And fit our personalities!
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    And she is licensed! Forgot to add that! Her business card mentions, "All Types of Wedding Ceremonies Performed" if that helps any?? Her email is [email protected]
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    We had the same problem, so we asked my brother to marry us.  Whoever is is going to marry you can get ordained online for free (at some places), then they send in an application to the state with 10 bucks.
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    Joyce Kachenmeister married us, she was great. She pretty much let us do whatever we wanted for our ceremony. I loved her!
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