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Catholic wedding question!

Are you having a full mass with communion or not?  This seems to be a big debate for us right now!Thanks!Jessica

Re: Catholic wedding question!

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    We did not have a full ceremony with communion because hubby is luthern. Ours was a catholic ceremony, just shortened.  I've been to my cousin's weddings where there was full mass and some cousin's weddings that were not-all were held in a catholic church. It just depends on what you really want.
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    BIG DEBATE for us too!!!! I am Catholic and soon to be hubby is not.  I always thought I would have a full mass (communion) at my wedding.  And my parents are both very strict Catholic, and they think it is necessary that I have a full mass at my wedding.  But the priest is saying he doesnt know if he believes we should have one (a. because soon to be hubby is not catholic, and b. because we are living together for logistical reasons).  So this has deff. become a debate for us, since my parents are paying for a majority of the wedding, and they (plus I) would like a full mass at the wedding, however soon to be hubby's family is not catholic, and priest is not sure about it.  Any help would be great for me too!!! THANKS!
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    My husband and I are both Catholic but didn't want a full mass so we opted for the "shorter" version.  His parents are very religious too and they didn't mind at all.
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    My Fiance and I are both Catholic, but we decided to just have the ceremony. I have been in a full mass, and I tend to pass out in church! :) I was just at a Catholic ceremony, and it still lasts an hour. However, it's whatever you feel comfortable doing. The Priest did not put pressure on us to choose the full mass, which was very nice.
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    That is a huge debate with my FI and I as well. He and his parents are catholic(went to school K-12 and ever 2 years at catholic college) My mom was catholic raised catholic (baptized me catholic) but now strongly dislikes the religion- HOWEVER that is not the main issue- issue is that my FI and I live together--- I have not had any sacraments except baptismal. Preist WILL NOT have full mass with communion unless i go through RCIA- which i was willing to but FI is against at this point becuase of the preist- he was very judgmental and FI is now furious at church!! But i know he wants a full mass at the church he grew up in.
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    Both families are Catholic so there really wasnt any debate for us. Its how we were both raised. We both knew we wanted a full catholic ceremony. Granted it is long but at most an 1 hr. When we met our Pastor he said it was our decision and he would do whatever we wanted but commonly when two catholic families join in marriage the ceremony includes mass and communion. He didnt push us as all. It comes down to what you two are comfortable with. Good Luck with the decision.
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    Hi Jessica,I'm Catholic, but FI is Methodist.  We are getting married in the Catholic church but we are not doing a full mass.  Our priest left it up to us, but we all agreed that it would almost be rude to make FI's famliy sit through the entire mass.  We're doing the ceremony so we'll be able to have some Catholic traditions, but not too much where it will overwhelm anyone.Good luck!
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