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QOTD 8/24

Life is crazy now that school has started again!  Like yesterday, I'll probably miss some more questiosn in the future.  Anyway...we may have talked about this already, I can't remember.  However, there are some new ladies to answer even if we have.

What style BM dresses have you chosen?  If you haven't chosen a specific dress, what guidelines are you giving your ladies?
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Re: QOTD 8/24

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    Since my youngest sister wasn't going to easily be able to wear the same dress as everyone else, it just seemed the most logical to let everyone choose what they want. I just recommended a long dress to (though I wouldn't have been upset if they didn't choose that) and I said that they had to be apple red.  I really think everyone looked beautiful.
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    When I started picking out bridesmaid dresses, I had 2 people in my bridal party that were going to be pregnant for the wedding, my MOH and just a regular bridesmaid.  Well my regular bridesmaid backed out on my at the very last minute, so I didn't have time to look for another style of dress.  But, I am very anal about all dresses matching and I wanted my MOH dress and all bridesmaid dresses to match.  So, I was very limited on the style I could get.  So that's why I picked the style below.  I don't hate it, but I don't absolutely love it either.  But it works and the material is awesome!   It's very flowy and it will be very cool for the girls.  I wish I could trade them dresses because I know I'm going to sweat to death in mine, even though it's a very light material!  lol

  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    All though, the one my MOH picked up was not exactly this shade of purple.  I guess it was more indigo.  Not sure why the photos online don't match the color in the store.  Kind of annoying.

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  • MerinMerin member
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    I went in knowing that I'd like black dresses, but I let the girls browse around to see what they liked as far as style.  The girls that went with me initially all loved the same one (and they're of very varied height/size/etc.), so we decided that's what everyone would wear. :)

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    This is a pic from my photog's website... they all wore the same dress.  I thought they looked great!

    And, the pic is super tiny.  Oh well... they're short bubble hem taffeta dresses in dark teal.
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    These are my BM dresses

    All of the girls have the dress in this style.  My MOH will have this color, and the other BMs have the color shown on the dress below.  I hope....there is a real concern two of my BMs will not fit in their dresses.

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    Not that this has to do with the style of the dress, but I just found out a few weeks ago that my bridesmaid's dresses won't be in until September 2nd at the earliest, which is a problem considering my wedding is October 2nd!  We ordered them back in February to allow plenty of time since all of my girls are in different locations.  But I guess the designer is running behind so everyone is delayed.  Has anyone experienced this?  I am really nervous that the girls won't have time to get alterations...

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    anmiller--Alterations won't take that long.  Just make sure your girls get in somewhere soon after they get them!  Maybe they could call and schedule appointments now for sometime in September so they'll be ready to go?  Really, a good seamstress only takes a few days.  (Give or take, obviously, depending on how busy they are)
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    anmiller....We are date twins!! :) I'm running into problems with my wedding dress not being delivered when they said.  It's now been pushed back over 3 weeks and it's supposed to be on its way now.  I hope it comes in soon and I hope your girls' dresses come in soon too!!
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    BM dress

    MOH Dress

    I originally wanted them all to match...till Atlas messed that up.
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    One of my BMs mom's does a lot with sewing and stuff and she's making these dresses in black for all my girls.

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  • k22tk22t member
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    i let my bm's pick their own style of dress and i only provided what designer, color, and length.   it turned out really nice and they actually picked styles that complimented each other.
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