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QOTD 8/21

What do you do for a living and do you like your job?  I suppose for security reasons, don't give names or locations, just what kind of work you do.

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Re: QOTD 8/21

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    I work an overnight/early morning retail shift.  I usually work something similar to 4a-12:30p.  The good thing is being in the store for a while before it is open and not having to deal with stupid people.  The bad thing is, I wake up 2:45 or 3:00 every morning.  Let's be honest, the job sucks and I get paid like crap.  I'm going back to school to get my bachelor's degree and become an RN.  I cannot wait to be done and have what I can only hope will be a better job.
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    I'm a software engineer for a large global company.  I absolutely love my job.  We can come in when we want, leave when we want, wear what we want.  Once a quarter they take us to basball games or something on the company dime, during work hours.  For instance, last night, they rented out a fancy banquet room in a very upscale hotel.  We had to dress up, we got free dinner, free dessert, and we got to play casino games for free.  Then there was a drawing for prizes at the end of the night (Nintendo Wii, iPad).

    Our performance is based on whether or not we got all of our deliverables done for each quarter, so sometimes I have to work evenings and weekends if I'm not finished with something.  But the flipside to that is if I finish early, I get to go home early.  3 weeks of vacation time right off the bat.  Yeah, I love my job.

    I just wish it was closer to home. :)

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  • jesselyn&kjesselyn&k member
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    I'm a full-time psychology student and a part-time sales associate at a sporting goods store. I take care of the apparel department and occasionally sell footwear.

    I like my job, I guess. I just don't feel like I get paid enough for all the work that has to be done in my department, which is the largest in the store. But that's retail for you.
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    I work in a church nursery on Sunday mornings and I babysit (regularly M-F and then spur of the moment too). I love that neither of my jobs feel like a job. I get paid to play with babies all the time and it's fun. Yeah they have their crying/whining days, but don't we all?
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    Night audit at a hotel. For the amount of work I have to do, I do make good money, but it is not enough for me, I would like a better job. I also don't like some of the risk with being alone at night.
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    I teach high school science.  This year I will be teaching senior physics, freshmen physical science (physics & chemistry), and forensic science.  This will be my 9th year at the same school and in that time I have also taught Anatomy, Biology, and Earth Science.

    I love love love my job.  We do a lot of experiments, demonstrations, and activities.  I believe in showing the kids something concrete or having them do it themselves then talking about why it is so.  It is also a small school so every single freshman passes through my class, therefore I know every single kid in the school (makes it easy to yell at someone running in the halls!).

    I also do lots of other stuff at the school, I am prom adviser, I sell tickets for girls b-ball and I help with track (I used to coach).

    When FI bought a house, I ended up with a long commute.  And while science teaching jobs could be found closer to our home, I have it way too good at my job to risk switching.  The job makes the drive worth it.
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  • Heathc123Heathc123 member
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    i am an activity director in a nursing home. I mainly work with dementia patients and rehab patients. Its one of the nicest homes in the area and I love it.

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    I work at a bank.  I absolutely hate my job.  It's gotten way too boring for me.  Plus, working with 90% woman is difficult.  It is a very catty place.  Plus side, I'm not coming back to work after the wedding - so only 10 more months of this!
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    I work full time with student loans and scholarships for medical students becoming doctors.  I love the line of work I'm in, but I hate my job.  It's very boring and too understimulating for me.  So I am going back to school part time for my Bachelor's in Business Administration-Finance.  I'm hoping someday to become a Director of Financial Aid in a college or I may look into getting my teaching certificate and teach high school, or get my Master's degree and become a college professor...we shall see! lol
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    I am a Paralegal. I work for a sole practioner (one lawyer) doing collections law.

    I like the work i do -- i dont have to call and bitch at ppl to send us money. basically once it gets to our office the debtors are going to court...

    But, i work for a lawyer who is with out a doubt, the hardest person ive EVER had to work for. She even told me that i should have considered HER SCEDULE before planning my wedding and honeymoon. And that i was making this "a real incovienance for her." WHAT?????? WTF???

    So now for the past 3 wks, she been punishing me. Its so unbearable i want to quit my job. :(
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