Cheap and Unique venues in Toledo

Does anyone know of smaller venues that are cheaper? were on a tight budget and want something unique .. our date is august 2012

Re: Cheap and Unique venues in Toledo

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    Give us more.  

    Are you looking for the ceremony, reception, or both?

    What exactly is small?  30 people or 130 people?

    Also, "cheap" is vague too.  I feel like I had a fairly budget friendly event and spent about $9k-$10k when everything was said and done.  Is that about what you're aiming for, or much less than that?

    Just in Toledo, or are you looking in the surrounding areas too?

    Are you looking for the catering to be included?  How about alcohol?

    Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor area?

    Whatever else you can offer would be helpful!

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    It does depend on your budget...mine is minimal at $5,000 but when REALLY searching the internet (I live in Kansas but plan on having the wedding in Toledo where I'm from) I found a place called Space 237. It isn't super cheap but it is beautiful. It is an art gallery with 2 floors to choose from. You could save some money because you wouldn't have to decorate  since it already has artwork and it's own decor. I'm thinking on this place for my wedding in April of 2013.

    Good luck!

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    When my future husband recommended the Ottawa Co. Fair grounds I thought "Oh my Gosh are you kidding me".  However when I went there it actually is a nice building.  You turn the over head lights off and it has wall lights that are very nice.  Down fall is there is no kitchen so I'm having the reception catered by Chef's Best out of Port Clinton - very resonable price.  The fair grounds are $500 plus deposit.

    May not be your cup of tea, but on a budget - it works.  Plus they have all of the tables and chairs.

    Good Luck!!

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    im getting married at space 237 in downtown toledo. my budget is 10k...were having about 100 guest and for the ceremony and reception were paying 1675 with a 500 dep which is refundable. you do have to bring rentals (tables,chairs,linen, etc) but thats what i liked about it (i can bring my own incl food and liquor). its gives you an art feel with out the expense of being at the toledo art mesume and with the rentals and renting the space im spending 3000 and i still have 7k left to spend on everything else. so i hope this helps...congrats...good luck and happy planning !!!
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    also here is the website so u can take a peek of how it looks when its all set up...space237.com
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    Check out SouthBriar Banquet Hall in Sylvania...
    It is a Banquet hall attached to a restaurant ...
    You can have a sit down dinner or grazing stations...
    Their prices are very reasonable...

    You can save money by having open bar with just beer and wine or possibly have a signature drink...  it is a lot cheaper than offering mixed drinks open bar...

    I am having my reception there next july....

    hope this helps : )
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