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Getting in Shape

gym question

I just joined a gym today! I also found out I have tendonitis in my shoulder and ahve to start physical therapy. No big deal but I am nervous about using the arm machines until the pain stops. If I use the treadmill, the stationary bike, and stair climber is that enough? Would I be getting a good workout? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I have never done the gym thing before but usually just do workout videos. Thanks!
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Re: gym question

  • There are no stupid questions!!  It all depends on what type of workout you want.  A treadmill can give you an excellent cardio workout, but it won't do much for muscle tone (maybe a little in your legs).  It will burn calories.  I am kind of a cardio queen, that's about all I do, but weight lifting, etc is also important.  I would say start with the cardio machines and add some weights and stuff with your arms whenever you're ready, after some PT.  GL!
  • Thanks! I know there are no stupid questions but sometimes I feel like I know nothing about fitness or losing weight the correct way. UGH
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  • I believe using just the cardio machines until you feel comfortable enough to use your shoulder is perfectly fine. I was told once by a trainer that the best way to lose overall body weight was cardio (especially an elliptical) and then gradually add in some light weightlifting with alot of reps to tone.
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