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Getting in Shape

Newbie Here!

Hi everybody, I am getting married on may 21st 2010 and I am so out of shape! I don't want to get married looking like this! So i'm devoted to treating my body better, and maybe along the way, I'll look better in my dress ;). I am trying to go with weight watchers but unfortunately I tend to fall of the wagon in the evening. I am also trying to incorporate some walking and I would like to work my way up to jogging also. Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself.

Re: Newbie Here!

  • The c25k (couch to 5k) is a great program to use, once you're ready to start jogging.  It's a beginner level program that helps train for a 5k (3.1 mile) run, but it can also be good to use for just getting started as well.It sounds like you need to work out a strategy for overeating in the evening.  The ladies here can give you plenty of suggestions, if you want to hear them!  Good luck, and no matter what your weight, you will still be beautiful on your wedding day.
  • Welcome! I also tend to fall off the wagon in the evening. I've been working really hard to get better at that. GL with your goals!
  • Thanks everyone!
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