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New vs. Old Weight Watchers System

Hey everyone, its been awhile since I posted here, I fell off the wagon with the holidays and my grandpa passing on New Year's.  But here I am, back again and I have a little over 6 months to lose around 30lbs for the big day. 
Anyway, I've been doing weight watchers for years and have been very successful in the past, I lost nearly 50 lbs two years ago doing WW on my own.  I heard they recently changed the program and points system so FI and I decided to start going back to meetings last night to learn all the new info. 
I am starting the new program today, and so far, I am not loving it.   I feel that it is more complicated than the old program!  I was just wondering if anyone has started the new and "improved" WW system and what do you think about it?  Anyone loving the new program? 
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