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Getting in Shape

Putting weight ON?

This might be an odd question, but has anyone had to put weight ON before their wedding?

Between school, my normal work hours, picking up additional work hours (I'm training for a new position for when the normal girl goes on maternity leave), and being sick... I've been unintentionally losing weight. Even people at work have commented on it, and I'm actually very uncomfortable knowing it.

When trying on dresses, the 4P (my usual size) fit me perfectly, but I seemed to have gone down a bra size. And the consultant made mention that if I lose any more weight, the dress won't fit as well... I realize that's what alterations are for, but I don't WANT to lose any more weight.

I have a LOT of time before my wedding (15 months?), so I'm not all too concerned with it yet... but it is something I'm conscious of. Any suggestions?

Re: Putting weight ON?

  • Hi!  I've never had this problem, but have several friends who do (and also had problems losing a lot of weight around their wedding-with stress and all).  You can track your calories on sparkpeople.com or thedailyplate.com and make sure that you're eating enough.  Nuts, avocado, nut butters, full fat dairy, and lean protein will help you eat enough healthy food.  Good luck!

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  • how much weight have you lost? With 15 months, it gives you a lot of time to gain so I would just say take the 15 months and divide by how much you have to gain and increase your intake by that amount. So, say you have to gain 15lbs back, that's 1lb/month which equals an extra 3500 kcals a month.
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  • yES, this is what is hapening to me right now- and my wedding is in october. I'm getting really worried about it, but I also have to get myself to the gym more often and cut back on sweets. I think it's nomal to go through this considering all the stress before a wedding.
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  • Thanks ladies! I've never really been concerned with my weight, what I eat, etc. so this is all foreign to me... in the two month or so, I've probably lost 5-10 lbs. which I know is not healthy - and trust me, I want it back!! I've also gone down a bra size which sucks...

    Thank you for the suggestion about estimating weight to put on leading up to the wedding and then dividing that by month... and for what to eat. I've really started to try to be conscious of my eating habits, as, for a few weeks there, I was only eatign one meal per day thanks to all of my running around... and I know that's not healthy either.
  • Keep some munchies on hand in your purse - some crackers, granola bar, etc. You have a lot of time to get it back, but don't go overboard with eating like a maniac either.
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  • I've always had a problem putting weight on and am actually trying to gain 10 pounds right now.  Def eat a lot of healthy calories and drink protein shakes if you need to.  Snack if you don't have time for full meals but not candy and junk and really try to eat a full lunch and dinner.  A lot of red meat and pasta should help.
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