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Muscles sore- do I still exercise?

A question for those much more knowledeable than me when it comes to exercising.  I just did my first day of 30DS yesterday and I am sore!  I am not exercising today because I hurt my neck yesterday and can't move it too well.  But I still had a question about muscle soreness.  If your muscles are sore, should you still work out even though it hurts?

I ask because I usually don't, but then I sit all day at work and when I try to stand, my muscles are so stiff!  I have tried to walk slow for 20 min on the treadmill with sore leg muscles and it hurt at first but then I feel like it felt better.  I didn't know if that made the soreness last longer though.

Any thoughts?

Re: Muscles sore- do I still exercise?

  • From personal experience, I find that if I workout when i'm sore, I tend to feel better the next day.  That could just be me, but it works pretty much every time.  If you're really sore/uncomfortable, take an NSAID like naproxen or ibuprofen, that should help as well.
  • If I am sore I like to do yoga or pilates. Something a little gentler, but I find warming up the muscles and stretching helps a great deal. Also in the begining if I skipped every day I was sore I'd work out once a week.

    More importantly, warming up/stretching and focusing on posture help greatly to prevent the sorenes you are experiencing. Pay attention to how your body is alligned while exercising. When your muscles are weaker it is easy for your body to try to compensate by using the wrong muscles.
  • EVERYONE is sore after their first Shred experience! haha I warned my sister before giving her the DVD, but I don't think she really believed me until she could hardly walk the next day.

    I took a day or two off after the first day I did the shred, until the pain wasn't as bad, then did it again. It doesn't hurt much the second time you do it. HTH!
  • In general, if you're sore, it's good to do at least something easy. A walk or jog or a more stretching-focused work out (not all yoga is relaxing!) will probably make you feel better and help your recovery. If you feel up to it, you can do 30DS again today as well as you can, but don't overexert yourself - do the easier versions of the moves, or take things a bit slower.

    FWIW, I was an athlete all through HS and college and practiced 5 days a week, often sore. As long as you don't overdo it, you should be fine, but if you're not used to exercising start slow (ie. 20 min walk instead of the DVD) since you might not be as familiar with your body to know what your limits are and could injure yourself if you push too hard.
  • i'm doing the same the 30ds and i was hurting so bad the first 2 days but push thur it and keep going i have only bin doing it for a week and can feel the burn so keep up the work out it dose get better
  • Generally speaking, I work out the next day even when I am sore. Which is almost every day because I do all Jillian and Biggest Loser workouts with either JIllian or Bob.  If I am having serious knee problems or something like that, I do the Weight Loss Yoga dvd with Bob. But if all you're experiencing is general muscle soreness, keep going. You're training your muscles, it's best to keep them warm and engaged, and it will build your strength/stamina.
  • Thanks for the tips ladies!!  I am glad to hear how sore everyone else is.  I am walking around work like Frankenstein.

    I don't want to do anything to rough today because of my neck but  the stretching was a good idea.  I will be back to 30DS tomorrow!
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