Frozen Yogurt Bar?

My fiancee and I LOVE frozen yogurt and want to do a frozen yogurt bar at our wedding but really aren't sure how we would set it up and if we would hire someone to come in an do it or just get all of the stuff ourselves? Has anyone done this or have any suggestions? We were also thinking a candy bar (which would be easier) but we wanted something unique to us. Thanks all!

Re: Frozen Yogurt Bar?

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    I think a frozen yogurt bar would be really cool but you would probably have to hire someone to tend the frozen yogurt part of the bar. Have a deep freeze cooler on site to keep the yogurt in and then have an attendant dish out the yogurt. Then you could have the toppings all laid out on the bar for people to make their one frozen yogurt sundae, does that make sense?

    That is personally  how I would do it, if I were you.
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    You definitely need to hire someone for this.

    LOVE the idea though-- I'd be a happy guest!

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